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The interpreting service is performed by a team of two interpreters.
According to the national and international norms regulating this profession, the standard working day has 6 hours of effective work, the period up to 3 hours is considered ½ day and the period up to 6 hours is considered a day of work.

The prices do not include V.A.T. and payment observes the RON/ EUR exchange rate of B.N.R. of date of the bill.
In case of extremely difficult interpreting works (highly specialized terms), with the client’s agreement, we will apply an addition of 30%.


• Standard case, documents of 1-10 pages are to be delivered in 24 hours. In case of emergency, they will be delivered the same day. Documents exceeding 10 pages will be delivered in 48 hours or more, depending on the number of pages. If emergency delivery is required, an emergency fee will be applied.

• The font type used is Times New Roman, single space, font size 12.

• A standard page A4 contains 2000 characters and the page number is established at the end using the computer word count feature.

• Prices do not comprise VAT and they are valid for sworn translations.

• For the translations requiring notary legalization, we add the fee of the public notary of about 21 RON per document, one copy (the fee depends on the notary).

• For the translation services from a foreign language to another foreign language, we charge translation from the foreign language into Romanian, then the translation from Romanian to the other foreign language, this being a double translation.

• We require an advance of 50% of the value of the translation when the document is delivered to be translated.

• Payment will be made cash or cheque, after the bill is issued.




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